Exchange Rate
Personal Loans

Interest rate: 12% per year.
Service charges: 1% per year.
Authorized amount: 60% of Full Sale Value (Collateral)


Interest rate: 12% per year.
Service charges: 1% per year.

Industrial & Agricultural Loans

Interest rate: 11.5% per year.
Service charges: 1% per year.
Authorized amount: 60% of Full Sale Value (Collateral)

Project Financing

We may provide means to finance your Industrial and Agricultural projects and services.

Invoice Financing

We may provide cash in advance to assist you in managing cash flow of your business. You may discount your invoice to manage your liquidity requirements.

Deposit Balance Loan

We may provide funding based on your deposit balance. The requirement is to receive your consent to obtain or control of your deposit account, when there is an absence of repayment of loan or obligations.
Interest rate: 12% per year.
Service charges: 1% per year.
Authorized amount: 80% of Balance

Pledge Financing

We may accept your inventory as a pledge to provide your financing needs up to 50% of your pledged inventory. In order to do that, the applicant has to write or put the signboard, wording in “AGD Bank in Possession” at the warehouse. The key of warehouse will be kept by both the Bank and the Applicant Company.

We may also accept your Central Bank’s Treasury Bond or Gold as a pledge to provide your financing needs between 75% and 80% of your pledged items.

Working Capital Loans

Working Capital loan is to maintain short-term and every cash requirement of your
Company to operate daily operations smoothly. AGD Bank may provide working
capital line of credit with competitive interest rate for short-term (less than one year).

Hire Purchase

It is an installment payment plan after a person makes first initial down payment. Installment payment plan can be from 1 year to 2 years.

Down Payment

  • 30% (Up to 5,000,000 MMK)
  • 25% (5,100,000 MMK – 10,000,000 MMK)
  • 20% (above 10,000,000 MMK)

Rental Fees and Service Charges

Rental Fees

  • 6 months:4%
  • One year: 9%
  • Two years: ( 9% + 9%)

Service Charges

  • 6 months:1%
  • One year: 1%
  • Two years: (1% + 1%)

Requirements for Business Loan Application

  • (A) Required Document List for Sole Proprietorship

    1. Up to date Business license
    2. Audited Financial Statements (Recent 3 years)
    3. Receipts of Tax Revenue (Recent 3 years)
    4. Business Activity Photos
    5. Actual Monthly, Yearly Income, Purchase List (minimum 6 months) / Stock Balance
    6. Purpose of financing details (with documents)
    7. Meeting Minutes for Loan Application


    (B) Required Documents List for Corporation

    Please provide documents from Section A (1 to 7). In addition,
    8. Certificate of Incorporation
    9. Import / Export License/ Business License
    10. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
    11. Form 6 / Form 26 / Form E (Update)

  • Required Personal Documents

    1. Copy of NRC ID (Borrower + Guarantor)
    2. Household Registration (copy of census)
    3. Letter of Recommendation from Housing Ward Administration
    **The following documents are required only if Sole Proprietorship**
    4. Marriage certificate or Letter of Recommendation from Ward Administration


    5. If divorce case, need to get mutual divorce agreement + partition deed

  • Required Collateral Documents

    1. Title of Registration Deed / Ownership
    2. Related requirements for this collateral (e.g.; Absolute Sales Contract, The Gift deed, affidavit, changing register, Special or General Power, Succession declaring deed etc.)
    3. 105 / 106 Form (minimum past 6 months) with the description of “Apply for Bank Loan
    4. Utility expenses slips of the collateral security (minimum 1 month slip)
    5. Building Photos (all sides)