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MPU Debit Cards

MPU debit card account can be opened at any AGD branch. And unlimited amount of fund can be deposited into the account. The card can be linked with saving or current account and the fund can be transferred automatically. When you open current account or saving account, our customer service can help you apply for card account too.

Cards Usage:

  • Cash can be withdrawn from an ATM.
  • Or the payment can be made wherever MPU is accepted. Enjoy the benefits and promotions at the various participating hotels, restaurants, shopping mall and other places.
  • Also, the card be used for online shopping at the web sites which accept MPU.
  • Get direct deposit for your salary.

There are two types of AGD MPU cards:

Standard MPU card

Interest earned: 8.60%
Application fees: Free
Minimum Balance: 1,000 kyats
Maximum Balance: Unlimited

Designer MPU card / Benefits card

Eligible to have benefits and discounts at participating outlets
Interest earned: 8.60%
Application fees: 3,000 kyats
Minimum Balance: 1,000 kyats
Maximum Balance: Unlimited
Get promotions and benefits at the participating hotels, restaurants, bars and other shopping places.
Choose a card design.

Boy Card

Girl Card

Map Card

Umbrella Card

  • Register at a branch.
  • An email address is needed to receive one-time password which will be generated every time card user tries to buy online.
  • Only buy from trusted websites or mobile applications.

For more information, please call  09-493-45111 or 09-254-612211